Say Yes!

Affirmation: I am open to the new people, opportunities and experiences life sends me. I recognize them by the sense of familiarity, comfort and safety I feel. I say YES to Life!

Ok, maybe I said YES to shopping today…

By no means do I advocate that shopping brings eternal happiness, obviously its a short fix. However, sometimes a little retail therapy does you good. Today, I feel my purchase went a bit longer than just an addition to my wardrobe though. Why? Well, I bought a pair yoga tights today from Clary Sage Organics. Like I said by no means am I advocating shopping, but I do definitely advocate supporting companies that are making a difference and helping Mother Earth.

What’s so special about these yoga tights? They are 91% PET (recycled plastic waterbottles). There are 6 waterbottles in a pair of tights. That’s 6 waterbottles that would have ended up in landfills. Now that something to say YES to.

Check them out at Clary Sage Organics.

Say YES to being ecologically responsible.

Melanie Dawn
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