Harmonic Convergence – December 21, 2012

Album Cover for Sol Starz [Solstarz.com]

Album Cover for Sol Starz [Solstarz.com]

I AM THAT I AM! I am awake and aware of my life purpose. My divinely empowered spirit has flowered into its full form. I am my higher self in every moment, every breath. I walk the path. I AM the way. I AM THAT I AM.

That’s my mantra for 12.21.12. By now, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about this date. It’s the end of the world. The end of the Mayan Calendar. The beginning of a new world. The Age of Aquarius. Whatever you have heard, it is a much anticipated date and a very exciting time.

I was first made aware of the date and time back in the early 90’s when I had first discovered the Internet. My experience with the Internet led me a on path of discovery as I navigated my way through hyper-links learning and reading about things I hadn’t been exposed to before. Because of my curiousity and spiritual nature I was always drawn to everything I read about the date, so I’ve known since the 90’s that the date never meant “the end of the world” as so many people like to refer to it. Instead it’s a movement into a new state of consciousness.

When you hear its the beginning of a new world, what it means is that you have the ability to move into a new dimensional state of being.  You will live in a state of mind and stream of consciousness that equates to the vibration you choose to be in. And it will be an amplified state of being.  So when you wake up, you might not see a different world, but if you choose to heighten your vibration you’ll see the magnificence and awe of the world around you, and that’s the new world you will live in.

So on 12.21.12 BE IN THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE VIBRATION YOU CAN BE IN. And do whatever it takes to be there. Gratitude. Humility. Joy. Happiness. Excitement. Faith. Trust. And for me it includes a whole lot of FAERIE DUST. You are responsible for your vibrational tone. You are responsible for our vibrational tone. The world’s. The earth’s. The universe.

For many years I thought I would go to Machu Picchu, but instead I’ve decided to make my way to Costa Rica. I’ll be in Los Angeles for the first part of 12.21.12 and then I’m leaving on jet plane… Whereever I AM you can trust I will be meditating and vibrating in the highest possible vibration I can achieve. Setting the intension and affirming all that I AM.

I encourage you be there with me. Whereever you may be. Join me and the  World Parliment on Spirituality for the Harmonic Convergence on 12.21.2012.

Love, light and faerie dust,✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫

Melanie Dawn

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