Mothers Day Blessings

Living Fae

Blessings of light and love to all this Mother Goddess Day!

lotus flower

Bestow love, honor, affection and respect for your Mother, all the Mother figures in your life, the Mother Goddess and the nurturing Mother archetype within you.

The Mother archetype’s function is to be aware of what you need to keep your life harmonious and in balance. Tune into your Mother archetype and listen. The more you can tap into that energy, the more loving and caring you will be to yourself. The more vibrant you become.

Take responsibility for yourself and look after your needs.  When you nurture your own self you understand what’s needed in your life in order to feel safe, secure and supported.  Take some time and reflect on how you can be the best Mother to yourself. What do you really need most to feel healthy, happy? The healthier your Mother archetype is the more…

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