I forever made lists of goals, creative visualization boards, plans, itineraries… you name it. Through these life maps I have both achieved and not achieved things. Some of which made me happy, some which did not, and some which I didn’t actually seem to care about anymore if I did or didn’t. But then one day my life took a different turn and it left me wondering, what next?

I felt like things would be moving along in the right direction and then I would hit a dead end.  Everything I had been working for was either being put “on hold” or just ending.  And it was happening again, and again, and again. So much so, I just had to laugh. That inspired me to try something different. Rather than plan, I decided to do the opposite and not plan. I was actually making fun of myself at the time I came up with the idea of No Plan to Happiness.  Someone asked me what my plan was and out of frustration I laughed and said, “Plan? I don’t have a plan. Every plan I thought I had isn’t working, so now I have ‘no plan’.”

In No Plan To Happiness I set a intension through affirmation, try different spiritual practices and daily exercises, and see where life guides.  Instead of planning out my happiness with a list of goals to accomplish I set my intension for happiness and see what transpires from that.

I’m not saying don’t write lists or goals to achieve. What I’m saying is write them, feel them, visualize them. Then throw them out and forget about them.

No Plan To Happiness is about surrendering. It’s truly letting go, spreading your wings and allowing life to lift and direct you.

With love, light and faerie dust,
Melanie Dawn

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