The Goddess Lakshmi

I AM blessed with abundance and beauty.

Living Fae

Jai Maa!


Having just returned from 4 blissful days of kirtan, yoga and workshops at Shakti Fest in Joshua Tree, CA, I AM exploding with divine feminine light and love to cast upon you. Shakti Fest is a more retreat like version of its parent yogi festival, Bhakti Fest.

The heart of Shakti Fest, like its name depicts, is centered around the divine feminine.  One of the key transformational experiences that came out of the event was divine union with one our Living Fae archetypes Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity,  fortune, and the embodiment of beauty. She represents these energies in both their spiritual and material forms.

As light workers we are attracted to numerous deities and have built altars, invoked and performed rituals to honor each of them. Lakshmi has most certainly always been around and within us, but presently she is shining through to us ever more prominently. She of course comes to us in…

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Mantras for Happiness

photo by Kristy Mitchell

photo by Kristy Mitchell

Affirmation: I AM united with Source. I  breathe life into faith and love to deepen my connection with the divine.

I just finished my morning meditation. The last few days my meditation has consisted of 3 mantras I’ve been chanting along with Deva Premal. I start with the Moola Manta (which is an invocation), then chant Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha, and finish with the Gayatri Mantra.

The Moola Mantra  evokes the living God. It asks for protection and freedom from sorrow and suffering. It is a prayer that manifests the divine through love and compassion in an earthly form to protect us.

Om Ganapatayei Namaha is the chant for Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. It opens us up to bring positive changes and our desires to life. I chant this 108 times.

The Gayatri Mantra is a very highly revered mantra and is one of the oldest and most powerful. It is the mantra of enlightenment. It is believed that by chanting the Gayatri mantra you will fulfill your true life work and find happiness.

I’ve been doing this set the past 3 mornings, and I’m continuing for the next 21 days. I had been doing some chanting meditations and I felt called to put these 3 together. At the time, I wasn’t clear on the meaning behind each one, but now I can see why I put them together. If you are interested in trying this with me it takes about 30 minutes to do all 3. Something tells me it will take us to a very divine place. Just click on each of the links above to access the Deva Premal YouTube videos for each of the Mantras or you can download them from iTunes.

I’m on my way to Shakti Fest out in Joshua Tree for the next 3 days (May 17 – 19). Its a festival of yoga, kirtan music and workshops celebrating the divine feminine. I’m really looking forward to the experience and basking in the vibratory glow. I’ll be there with the Live In Wonder crew so if you happen to be there come find me.

Love, light and faerie dust,✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫

Melanie Dawn

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