Finding Vibrational Harmony

Faerie Ring by Living Fae. Photo taken at Sunset Campout by Ursula Young.

Affirmation: No matter where I’m going, what I’m doing, I’m focusing on things that make me feel good.

The image above is definitely something that makes me feel good. Experiencing it is  magical, and something I hold very dear to my heart. I designed that with Anne Elizabeth for Living Fae. We put it up at the Sunset Campout every year put on by the Pacific Sound crew from San Francisco; an event that makes me smile just thinking about it.

I was inspired today by a YouTube video of Abraham Hicks talking about setting your vibrational tone and the importance of finding your vibrational harmony with source. Our vibration is key to creating the life we desire, it is key to our happiness. And when our vibration is aligned with source what we focus on manifests. That’s why it is so key to focus your attention on that which you desire and to be in a state of happiness simultaneously.

When we focus on something it shows up more because we make ourselves more aware of it. Just to give you an example listen to this video and try the exercise with Anthony Robbins.

Each of us is ultimately responsible for our own happiness. We make the choice. We can try and attribute it to outside circumstances or how other people are making us feel, but remember, we are the creators of our lives. We set the vibrational tone. So get in the most amazing, blissful, happy, peaceful, loving vibration you can imagine, and do whatever it takes to get there, because I believe its the most important thing worth living for. Remember the work you do on the inside reflects all around you.

And if something throws you off. It’s OK. It happens. Just give yourself a hug and get back to where you know you need to be.

Now, I’m off to Las Vegas tomorrow. It’s a very spontaneous adventure! I got an email yesterday about the You Can Heal Your Life Conference with Louise Hay in Las Vegas this Saturday, January 21st and decided to buy my ticket. If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning you’ll remember I mentioned it was the book You Can Create  An Exceptional Life by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson that inspired me to start the blog. When I saw it I knew I needed to go, and certainly made me feel good.

Stay tuned!

With love, light and faerie dust, ✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫

Melanie Dawn

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Being Aware of The Law of Attraction

Altar by Living Fae. Flowers by Intrinsic. Photo taken at Sunset Campout 2011.

Affirmation: I am aware of my exceptional life. No matter where I am, I see and feel it in all its perfection. I am in love with my amazing life.

If you read yesterday’s post you would have saw that I was going to post the results of Happy Friday later in the day. Well…. later in the day rolled into today. 🙂

What I found was that whenever I said Happy Friday to someone it was returned with a huge smile. Whether is was the lady standing solemly at the bus stop who said, “Hey Baby!” back to me, or the homeless man digging through the garbage who told me to “Have a great weekend!” It always came back with a big smile. A smile I didn’t see before I said it. And seeing them smile really made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. Then this morning my yoga instructor greated us with, “Happy Saturday!” Coincidence? As far as I’m concerned there is no such thing as a coincidence. I believe its a lesson in Law of Attraction. What we put out there comes back, and the universe likes to show us in a variety of different ways. We just need to be aware in the present moment.

If you know about “The Secret” you know about The Law of Attraction. I knew about the Law of Attraction long before The Secret though. It was something I learned through my spiritual studies over 20 years ago. What I can tell you is The Law of Attraction is a universal law and it does work. So be sure to stay conscious of your thoughts and feelings. Take notice of what you are thinking when you are feeling certain feelings and vice versa, because the universe doesn’t place judgement, it just responds according to the combined energy and the power behind that energy.

What do you want to attract in your life?

Remember you have an amazing life. Start with the awareness of recognizing you have it and the rest is just about simmering the ingrediants to perfection.

With love, light and faerie dust!
Melanie Dawn
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