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Affirmation: I AM healthy, vibrant and full of energy.

I noticed internally my body hadn’t been feeling very good so I thought it might be time to do a cleanse. May is a great time for cleansing too. It’s good to do a cleanse at least once year and it’s been more than a year since I’ve done one, so I’m definitely due.

The cleanse I do is a liver cleanse that my yoga instructor taught me a while back. I’ve given this cleanse to many of friends as well. I done it both with them and on my own. It’s always great to do it with someone if you can but its just as easy to do it on your own too.

Here are the instructions for the cleanse:

Every morning drink 1 glass of water with 1/2 squeezed lemon.

Eat ONLY fresh fruit and raw vegetables. You can “lightly” steam some vegetables as well. (They should still be crunchy).

Drink 8 glasses of water a day. You can also have coconut water and fresh squeezed juice. I like to make my own juices.

On your veggies you can have olive oil and sea salt.

Wash your skin only in sea salt (no soaps). For moisturizer you can use almond oil if you need it. I sometimes mix them together.

Do an enema every day. You can do a coffee enema, chamomile tea enema or lemon and water (use 3 squeezed lemons). You can get an enema kit at any Walgreens.

Do this for 7 days.

On the last day stop eating at 2pm. Make a mixture of epson salt (the kind that is a laxative) and water in a jar. You can add lemon or an emergen-C to help with the taste.

At 6pm drink 1/4 of the jar.

At 8pm drink 1/4 of the jar.

At 9pm mix 3/4 cup of olive oil and 1 fresh squeezed grapefruit and drink it.

Go to bed.

At 6am drink 1/4 of the epson salt jar mix.

At 8am drink the last 1/4.

Some time will pass and you’ll likely start not to feel very good. This is OK. You are doing the final flush of your system. Make sure you are near a bathroom. 🙂

What should come out is a lot of little cholesterol deposits. This is good as it serves as a preventative for gallstones.

That’s it!

There are many different cleanses out there but this is the one that I like to do. Whether its this cleanse or another one I encourage you to do a cleanse. You will feel great!

I hear so many people make excuses when it comes to cleansing. Everything from I couldn’t go without eating meat, my schedule won’t allow for it,  to my body will go into shock, etc. You can a cleanse anytime you decide you can do it. That’s all it takes.

If someone came along and said to you that you would get a million dollars at the end of the week if you did the cleanse would you be able to do it? Somehow I think so. So think of it that way, its only a week of your life and you might not end up with a million dollars but you will feel like a million dollars. Who knows if you’ve got manifesting mastered you might end up with a million dollars too. 😉

Love, light and faerie dust✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫

Melanie Dawn

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My Higher Self

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Affirmation: I AM my higher self.

Try saying that outloud at least 1o times. Let it sink in. Absorb the idea that you are… I am my higher self. What does that mean to you?

I picked up Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting audio book today. Then I hopped in the car and began to drive back down the LA freeway to the beaches with my mom. I put the first CD in and began to listen to what Wayne had to say. While I listened intently to every word my mom fell asleep. Every so often she would wake up and yell out, “Wayne’s yelling at me!” or “Where am I?” It was pretty amusing at the time. The funniest part was she seemed to wake up and yell those phrases at the most perfect moment. It seemed to align with everything I was hearing him say.

As I continued to drive Dr. Wayne began to discuss the notion of the higher self and how choosing this course, listening to his CD, was really about committing to the idea that you are your higher self now. As he spoke of this I felt myself aligning with everything he was saying, and at the same time I could feel my ego hesitate on the concept.

When I began my study of uniting with my higher self I was always looking at it in a way that it was me, but it was a me I was working at becoming. A me I communicated with, but was somehow not where I was now. Let’s say I saw this me in another life or dimension. I wasn’t there yet. It was a goal or a journey I was taking to get there. But then Dr. Wayne had me take a new look at it. As I said the words outloud in the car, “I AM my higher self,” I began to have a new understanding of who “I AM” was,  who “I AM” is. I AM is me. I AM is you. I AM is my higher self. I AM is your higher self. Our higher self, I AM, is the the divine being, the spark, the light, that exists within us. Once we can grasp that concept we can release the limitations we have set for ourselves because our higher self is not something we become. It is something we are. It’s something we have always been and will always be.


If the knowledge of your higher self is a new concept to you. Think of it as this:

Your higher self is the perfection of who you are. The all knowing. The all powerful. The unlimited. The essense of this perfect self living here on Earth and you act in accordance with how your perfect self lives on Earth. You are perfect. That is which you are. Absorb the thought and allow it to resonate within you. See what transpires from that. I AM LOVE. I AM MY HIGHER SELF. MY HIGHER SELF IS LOVE. YOU ARE LOVE.

Love, light and faerie dust ✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫

Melanie Dawn

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A Love Story

Affirmation: I AM Love.

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling around Southern California with my mom the past couple weeks. We’ve been in Palm Springs, San Diego, Huntington Beach, Anaheim and now Redondo Beach. Along my journey I learned about Anita Moorjani. It’s her story that inspired this affirmation.

While I was in San Diego I read an article where Wayne Dyer interviews Anita. The article peaked my interest because I had watched a Wayne Dyer PBS special, not too long before, where he brings Anita up on stage. Who is Anita Moorjani? She’s the author of Dying to Be Me, a true life story about Anita’s journey with Cancer to miraculous healing through a near death experience. Anita had lymphoma which had spread from the base of her skull down to her abdomen. She had tumors the size of lemons all through her body. The story goes that she was brought into the hospital in a coma and her family was told she would be dead by the morning. While this was all happening, Anita was going through what she refers to as a very conscious experience where she was seeing and hearing everything that was happening in the hospital and at the same time was learning about the power of divine unconditional love. Anita says it was her own personal fears that had caused much of her disease and pain. Through her new understanding of the power of unconditional love that comes from Source she was able to heal herself. When Anita came out of her coma the next day, to the surprise of all her doctors, she came out cancer free. Her message to us, “I AM LOVE.” Love heals. You are love. I am love. We are all LOVE. Let love heal you.

I encourage you to think about this affirmation and what it means. I also encourage you to say it as often as you can, especially when you are looking in the mirror, and then I encourage you to see how your life transforms as you continue to use this affirmation.

Love, light and faerie dust ✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫

Melanie Dawn

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